Dera Village Retreat Welcomes You!

If you want to experience the soul of India, then you must go to her villages.

The Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi wrote these words and we at Dera Village Retreat, Kalakho believe in it completely and take pride in giving an unforgettable village experience to our guests.

The Retreat offers a welcome break from the regular tourist visits to monuments, museums and market places and the hustle and bustle of the crowded cities and move towards the pristine and untouched lives of the real people of the land. The villages visited are tucked away within a valley inside the Aravalli Hills, where a community of the Meena Tribals are living. The joy and spirit of rustic life is palpable in the  lively faces of the village folks. Here, in many ways, time has stood still  and  globalization has had little impact.

To give you this experience in a most comfortable manner, Dera Village Retreat, Kalakho is  situated in the popular Golden Triangle circuit between Agra and Jaipur. It has 16 tastefully decorated cottages arranged around a green oasis garden and each cottage is air conditioned and has all the amenities expected of a city hotel.

The Retreat offers a camel safari to visit a charming village and meet its friendly people who are eager to share their life with you. Rajasthani Folk Dances at the Retreat in the  evening are as lively and colorful as the Rajasthan State itself. In the evening a troupe of dancers from the nearby village perform around the campfire. They welcome your participation.

Bird watching & Hiking are some of the other interesting activities offered by the Retreat.

We invite you to experience the  timeless charm of rural Rajasthan.